The Chocolate Boutique

Penang’s latest offering — “The Chocolate Boutique” brings you more than 60 different types of high quality chocolate from Beryl’s. The mansion is divided into various chocolate rooms with different themes including Tiramisu, Fruits, Health, Sweetheart, Coffee, Panned Chocolate and Malaysian Collection.

Visit Penang Chocolate Mansion cum heritage place, learn about the chocolate history and make your trip to Penang more memorable


Company Name: NK2 Services Sdn.Bhd

Shop Name: The Chocolate Boutique

Address: 22, Leith Street, 10200, Penang (Attached the location map)

Tel number: +604 250 2488

Business Hours: 9a.m. – 6 p.m. (Daily)

GPS Coordinates (5.420990, 100.334127)